My name is Jennifer Zalewski and you've reached my studio blog.... Thanks for stopping by! I'm an artist/printmaker living in Central New York with my two dogs, Lela and Joey.  My work focuses on dogs (I've been obsessed with them since I was 8 years old) and the beautiful natural world all around us. I don't think there's anything I'd rather be doing than out walking with my pups, gathering ideas for new drawings and artwork!

Besides that? I love prowling the library in search of a good book, reading (especially nonfic), collecting rocks, the study of religion/spiritual issues and bumbling along on my new-to-me acoustic guitar. I've always wanted to write "The Great American Novel" and I have my friend Trace to blame for my new interest in international travel. My day job is in information management and I'm almost finished with my master's degree (May! Wahoo!).

You can find more about my artwork at Jennifer Zalewski Studio.

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