Monday, November 14, 2016

With a Little Help From His Friends

Here is a story I've been meaning to tell... with a great ending, no less!

Three weekends ago we had a really cold, bitter storm come through. Flood warnings, 40 degree temps, pouring rain. It was a pretty rough 2-3 days and by the end of it the pups and I were a bit stir-crazy from being stuck in the house. Seven PM there was a small break in the weather, so I grabbed the leashes and we made a quick break for it. I figured if we could get a LITTLE walk in, maybe that would take the edge off their ya-ya's.

It wasn't long into our walk when we were joined by a scared, emaciated pit bull puppy. He stunk of urine, was infested with fleas and had an obvious eye anomaly (I'm not a vet, but it looked like "Cherry Eye" to me). Awww. My heart broke for the lil' guy. Who could let him get in such bad condition?!?!

I knocked on the doors of a few local houses, but no one claimed to know him.

So...we took him home.

He was a little anxious (no surprise, especially since Lela wouldn't stop snarling and being a general azzhat towards him) so I set up Joey's crate, gave him some warm blankets and a covering so he wouldn't feel so exposed. He got some warm meals and biscuits, and slept soundly all night like a good boy.

The little man's next stop was some time in the clinker, waiting for his "owner" to reclaim him. I was very nervous about this, because a) his owner had obviously neglected him badly, and 2) the clinker is overrun with pit bulls, and I was concerned that with his bad eye he'd be automatically put on the euthanasia list. I felt distraught and guilty. I couldn't keep him though- Lela was in such a tizzy and Joey wasn't very happy, either. And three dogs was one over my personal "limit." I prayed something would come through. My friend and fellow artist Christie made some calls, but the clinker told her that it was unlikely he would be taken by a local rescue because eye surgeries can be expensive. It wasn't looking very good.

But then --answered prayer!

I winged an email to a local group, pleading for the little pit bull, and within a day they emailed back and said they were on it! They pulled him from the clinker, got him settled at the rescue, and promised they would give him all the time he needed. They nicknamed him "Bobby" and said they would appreciate any financial help for the surgery.... so... what to do... we went to work! I created a "Bobby linocut" and offered to send one to anyone who donated something--anything--to the rescue in Bobby's name. Nothing Gofundme wise, just a few plugs and shares on my Facebook page.

Would you believe it--we raised the funds--and then some!

Starting to work on the "Thank You" linocut for all of Bobby's donors.

This was my first attempt at a 2 block jigsaw print... and it ended up being a lot of fun! This was the blocks and the test print.

Oh happy day!!

I went to visit Bobby this weekend, and he is doing GREAT- gaining confidence, putting on much needed weight. He is getting ready for his eye surgery and neuter this week, and then will be ready for ADOPTION! Meanwhile, my linocuts are just about dry and ready to go in the mail to everyone who donated.

Happy Bobby!

Dry, babies, dry!

I feel so blessed to not only have had a tiny part in Bobby's story, but more so that I have so many friends and acquaintances that jumped in to support him- not just monetarily, but also with encouraging words. What a lucky person I am to have so many wonderful people in my life- some who I have never met in person- but all who know the real meaning of empathy and compassion!


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