Tuesday, November 29, 2016


I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

This year I not only had Thanksgiving with my family but also "Friendsgiving" with my two best friends and their dogs. Despite an unfortunate incident involving myself, my friend Trace, and two of our dogs with Pepe La Pew (RIP), I spent the weekend thinking about how blessed I was/am to be surrounded by such love and support, both 2- and 4-legged. It's so easy to go through every day forgetting little things like this. Sometimes stress and anxieties cause you to lose focus of what really matters in this short/amazing life of ours.

At breakfast every morning, I usually go through a morning devotional or read a chapter of a spirituality-focused book. This morning I also made a list of things I was thankful for. It included:

  • My family, my friends, and my dogs
  • My education, which has provided so many opportunities
  • My creative endeavors which give me such joy
  • A small but warm home with only 10 years of mortgage left 
  • A full fridge, and never having to worry about my next meal
  • A working vehicle that tows my camper so well
  • A short commute
  • My day job, which I love
  • My evening "art" job, which I love
  • The internet, which wasn't around when I was young, and helps me stay in touch with family, friends and penpals near and far
  • An old furnace and hot water heater that keep plugging away-!
  • Wonderful hiking trails so close to home, that allow me to live in the city but have nature & country-life at my fingertips
  • A church I love and where I feel "at home"
  • A love of learning new things
  • Neighbors who don't mind my ever-barking Foxhound :)
  • Living in a country that allows free speech and expression
  • Growing up in a home that instilled a respect and love for God in me, even if I refused to acknowledge that during my teenage years (lol). Now, as an adult, knowing that there is a Higher Power in control, that there is more to life than just the material things on this earth, that I have a purpose to find and fulfill... it's such a comfort for me. 
I hope everyone out there in "internet land" also had a wonderful holiday! Happy Thanksgiving to all, 2- and 4-legged alike.


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