Sunday, November 6, 2016

Autumn Here We Come

Fall is so fleeting in Central New York. It seems that one minute it's sweltering 85 degree summer days and then the next minute, the trees are asleep and snow is falling to the ground! The pups and I are trying to enjoy these in-between times --those fleeting days of blue skies and orangey-yellow trees-- before we need to get the snowshoes out (ha ha).

I find the cool fall days, the rich colors, so invigorating after the muggy, sweltery, never-ending blandness of summer. My art has picked up and I am planning to re-open my Etsy store soon. I've recommitted to blogging twice a week. Joey, Lela and I are taking wonderful walks twice a day- before work and after- to get out and enjoy it all. Life is so short and I really feel like we've been so blessed by it all!


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