Thursday, August 18, 2016

August Update

Well, it has been a summer of ups and downs! Poor Lela has an ulcer on her eye, which is causing us a bit of concern. I feel like she's been on drops and pain pills forever (I think it's only been a few weeks, but it SEEMS longer). Poor girl. We seem to be in kind of a hold pattern right now, waiting to see how it looks at our next appointment.

Meanwhile, we've had a couple more camping trips- Bear Spring Mountain State Park in the Western Catskills, and Selkirk Shores State Park up on Lake Ontario. Bear Spring Mountain has to be my least favorite campground I've ever been to- not much walking at all, hiking trails totally overgrown, one bathroom for the place and it was trashed every day, not really maintained well-- but Selkirk Shores popped up to the top of our all-time list with awesome trails, lots of kayaking opportunities, nice shady site, and that great "close to home but not too close" factor!  We have a few more trips planned before fall sets in.