Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Working On Larger Pieces

Joey oversees production on Mama Gator!

I've been working on one of my largest pieces in years- a 16x20 colored pencil of a mama gator. This is for my Payne's Prairie series. Have to say, I remember LOVING working huge back in college days, but man. Am I getting older?? This size is so tedious! I'm trying not to lose momentum. As I work, I listen to my audio book of Peter Matthieson's "The Cloud Forest" which is about the author's voyage to South America. It keeps me puttering along, my imagination leaping latitudes away while I burnish layer after layer on the paper.

Almost as challenging as the size is keeping my working area clean. I'm not a total neatnik, but I do like things relatively organized and uncluttered. I need to tidy up before the dogs start re-locating my pencils and erasers to the living room, leaving chewed-up leads and bits behind! They get curious when I get messy and I hate when they pull my stuff down to destroy.  Thankfully they're so cute... :)

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