Monday, February 16, 2015

Winter Wonderland

Besides a few, ah, interesting years living in NYC after college, I've spent all of my life in Central New York. We lie just southeast of Lake Ontario. As you can imagine, we get a lot of cold temperatures and the snow shovel gets a good weekly workout with all the lake effect- not as much as we used to, mind you, but still a nice amount.

People gripe about the weather, but I love it. Winter has such a wonderful personality, a depth you don't see in any other season. Everything is crisp and cool and glazed. All is white and steel blue-grays. Month after month, the sky broods and waits. Occasionally the sun cracks and she opens into the most amazing shade of sapphire blue you've ever seen! It's a brief moment to enjoy before the soft gray curtain closes over again. Jack Frost draws beautiful patterns on the car windows. The dogs leave crazy snow-angel impressions in the snow. The stars and moon never seem to be brighter.  I just love, love, love winter.

Lela and Joey do, too. I just love to watch them race and wrassle in the white stuff! There's just something so raw and elemental about watching them play together. Both dogs have own techniques and tricks; Lela being the most coquettish and relentless. Joey utilizes the drifts as part of his offensive and defensive strategy.

I do miss long walks in my shorts and tevas -camping- car rides with the windows down. But Spring is coming and Summer will be here soon enough. Until then, I feel blessed to live in such a beautiful area, with two pups who enjoy the cold weather as much as I do!

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