Sunday, December 14, 2014

Cody, the Pet Portrait Pup!

Back in November I wrote about the Team Inch Pet Portrait Auction, and how I was one of the artists asked to auction off a pet portrait with the proceeds going to Team Inch Sighthound Rescue. Would you believe the winner of the auction asked me to draw a Havanese!! They are a rare Cuban breed that only became AKC-eligible in the late '90's. Here's Cody, owned by winner Barb- isn't he a cutie?

Getting started on the portrait....

And here it is finished!

"Cody" - 8x10 colored pencil on black Canson paper 

I love working with colored pencil on black paper. It really makes the color "pop" and gives a different texture and atmosphere than cp on white. My first dog, Rudy, was a cockapoo-terrier mix and although she was bigger and differently colored than Cody, she had that same rakish look. Working on Cody brought back lots of memories of the MILLIONS of drawings I used to do of her. She was born in 1985 and passed away in 2001- quite a girl! Viva la scruffy dog!



  1. Love this, Jenn! Scruffy, yet elegant. Adorable, yet sophisticated. :D