Wednesday, November 26, 2014

"Snowflake Blanket" - Linocut

In between my huge woodcut of Joey (which is turning into more of a project than I thought!!) and my colored pencil pet portrait of "Cody", a Havanese (winner of the Team Inch Pet Portrait auction!) I decided to do a quick little linocut of my Alaskan Malamute Nelson. Nelson was my first real show dog, a gorgeous guy from Northeast Kennels in Western New York. He garnered about 6 points towards his Championship before we neutered and retired him. I was leafing through one of his ginormous photo albums when I found an old photo that I thought might work for a simple linocut. I had a few pieces of 3x5 lying around so I thought, why not?

 I used to be obsessed with drawing Malamutes. In high school, my dream was to move north and live off the land, running races like the Iditarod and John Beargrease with a team of purebred, championship Mals. I ended up living in New York City with a greyhound instead --but that's another story LOL.

It's funny how easy it was to draw Nelly again. I haven't drawn him in over 10 years. Closer to 12 or 13 probably. But he rolled off my pencil like I'd been sketching him all along. The Jack Richeson linoleum (which is more rubbery than linoleumy) cut like butter. What a fun little lino to do!

After printing in two colors, I meant to go in for a third but when I printed the black layer, I found I didn't like it. Too much "definition" and it just felt overdone. So I left it at two.Sometimes less is more, right?

"Snowflake Blanket" - 3 x 5 reduction linocut

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